An incident and safety reporting system for nursing home employees


Safety is a major concern in the work place. Incidents happen all the time but they often are underreported because there isn't a proficient reporting system in place. Many organizations still use paper forms to record incidents that are often delegated to the supervisors, which are likely to neglect the worker's safety. SALUS is a concept of a reporting system developed in the course of Human Centered Design at University of Miami to address those issues.


UX Design
High fidelty prototype


6 Weeks
Dec 2020


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD


Secondary Research
Task Flows
Interactive Prototype


SALUS (the Roman Goddess of public health and safety) is a system designed for the nursing home employees and administrators. It is optimized for desktop in office setting and requires the following basic interactions:

  • User log in & profile feature
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Create and submit new incident reports
  • Assess reports and save / edit in-progress reports
  • Append necessary documents such as Workers Comp and OSHA 301 to cases


The users from the contextual inquiry conducted by Dr. Millet voiced that they can never find the forms or that they usually ask their manager to write up the reports for them. So the challenge here is to design a web-based reporting system that provides an easier access and management of the incident reports for the employees and address the safety of the work environment.

Target users

  • Certified Nurse Aids (CNA)
  • Certified Medical Aids (CMA)
  • Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)
  • Assistant Director of Nursing & Director of Nursing (ADON & DON)
  • Administrators

Incident types

  • Injuries / illnesses: accidents that actually occurred
  • Property damages: incidents that led to physical property damages
  • Near misses: incidents that could have potentially lead to injuries / illnesses

Design assumptions

  • The system can retrieve employee information from HR database
  • Additional case documents will be submitted through the reporting agency


I created this concept map to visualize what kind of information / steps the administrators are required to review and submit reports, what information are tracked by the system and what type of interactions are needed in order to complete the tasks.


Informed by the concept map, I created these task flows to have a better understanding of the key features and interactions using Adobe Illustrator.


I created the site map using Adobe XD to have a visual structure of the system layout.


I had a lot of fun with brand design for this application — from creating the color palette to the logo design.