Communicate & visualize the water pollution at Lake Okeechobee through an interactive website


Save Lake O project was created in partnership between the University of Miami — School of Communication's 2020 Collaboration & Innovation Laboratory class and the non-profit organization Audubon Florida to raise awareness about the growing threat of nutrient-rich runoff and toxic blue-green algae blooms. The initiative seeks to advocate for changes in how waste management is currently being regulated around Lake Okeechobee while providing actionable solutions that will protect the water, people, and wildlife.


Web development
Data visualization


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Mapbox Studio
Scroll Magic


Pollution and harmful algal blooms in Lake Okeechobee have been a major environmental concern for over 20+ years. The primary cause is excessive nutrient-runoff from agriculture and urban activities. The challenge is to explain the problem clearly to the public as its complexity is a barrier to the public's engagement with relevant policy issues. A second challenge is to illustrate key solutions to policy and decision-makers so they can act with confidence since the enormity and complexity of the problem makes them uncertain and predisposed to believe and spread conflicting information.


Through collaboration, the research, strategic communications, and development teams crafted the visual storytelling of Lake O's history. Mapbox's intuitive and powerful features make it a perfect tool to illustrate how Lake O got to its current state.


By addressing the issue through an interactive website and video, we were able to inform and engage our target audience and establish a common ground to work towards a cleaner and better future.